LUZ. Spanish for “Light.”

LUZ is the brainchild of Houman Omidifar, a luxury jewelry designer with support from the likes of Slash of Guns & Roses, Michael J. Fox, Grandmaster Flash, Susan Sarandon, Sammy Hager, Cuba Gooding Jr, and many more. These high-status LUZ fans contribute to the brand’s immense global success.

Established in 2006, LUZ by Houman specializes in the creation of custom-made, luxurious jewelry items for men and women. Each stylish piece is inspired by timeless trends that never go out of fashion. It took Houman 3 months to establish LUZ, and another 2 months to bring his first prototype to life. It’s in Houman’s nature to take things slowly, taking all the time needed to create something truly breath-taking.

 Houman was raised in France, with an insatiable passion for jewelry and design. Houman wasted no time in pursuing a five-year jewelry arts program in Toronto. With his degree in hand, Houman started manufacturing his incredible unique jewelry items in Nantucket, Massachusetts.

Before long, Houman had already won his first Platinum Guild Award.

Hungry for more success (and warmer weather), Houman relocated to San Diego, the birthplace of Houman Jewelry Design in Coronado. Soon enough, Houman took home the People’s Choice Award for San Diego’s BEST Jewelry Designer.

Each exquisite LUZ piece is handmade in the U.S and delivered with a genuine certificate of authenticity (with the buyer’s name on it). The complexity of each design we work on means we can’t mass produce. We design and create each ring from scratch using CAD and 3D printing technology. From there, each ring is carefully cast in metal and hand-finished by highly-skilled craftsmen in the U.S. Houman has never believed in mass-manufacturing which would detract from his vision of handmade splendor. Houman and the team inject a lot of love, passion, and effort into each unique piece.

The word “LUZ” is Spanish for light, and relates to how you feel. Your LUZ ring is a direct reflection of who you are, what you’ve been through, and what you are capable of. Each LUZ piece is unique, and no two are ever the same. According to Houman, love is characterized by “complexity” and “confusion.” It’s not always sunshine and roses.

Houman’s honest, breathtaking collections are defined by exquisite sterling silver designs with black diamonds and rubies, the international symbol of love and passion. Houman admits that LUZ isn’t for everyone, with “gusty” design choices and bold nuances.