LUZ Enigma Ring by 944 Magazine

LUZ Enigma Ring

Looking for The One? Look no further than LUZ. a fabulous emotion-inspired collection by renowned jewelry designer Houman. whose creations have earned him a Platinum Guild Award. Creating one-of-a-kind, thought provoking jewelry is in this Coronado, Calif. based entrepreneur's blood. LUZ, launched in February 2006, encompasses a line of luxe yet edgy rings, necklaces, earrings and bracelets. Each piece is named after, and tells the story of, the cycle of emotions one experiences during the course of a romantic relationship: Love, Cheat, Breakup, Alone, Anger, Secrets, Flirt. Lust, Obsession, One, Enigma and concluding with an engagement ring. A hopeless romantic, Houman believes all love stories, including LUZ, should have a happy ending.

The stunning Enigma ring represents the "Love at first sight" stage of romance. This white gold ring comes at a price of $8,500 and is layered with a unique combination of white and black diamonds, meant to express the duality of dark and light. This setup of contrasting diamonds allows the ring to be worn four different ways, making the Enigma diamond ring one of the most unique pieces on the market. Wear alone or with the matching Enigma bracelet, priced at $38,700, This set will be sure to impress that special someone.