Houman, a Master Jeweler by Envy Magazine Las Vegas

Houman, a Master Jeweler by Envy Magazine


The lives of individuals crisscross and intersect everyday." So says formidable
jewelry designer Houman Omidifar in regard to his latest stunning collection entitled LUZ. These new pieces are breathtakingly original, and according to Houman, are "beautiful, daring, and sharp ... traits also characteristic of love." "Love" is a word often used when you speak with this craftsman about his current
line. After all, it was the many emotions that come from a relationship that inspired him to create this new compilation. it's a love story that's delivered in twelve parts, and as any fan of Dynasty will tell you, those are the best kinds of stories. With each part or emotion being introduced in the form of a stunning ring every month,
it is sure to be a collection that will have connoisseurs of custom designed jewelry waiting patiently with bated breath. The series started in January 2006 with the introduction of the first ring, LOVE, and will close the book or end the story January 2007 with a last piece, which Houman will only describe as being a very "big finale."

Each ring is a crafted treasure that holds thought-out concepts and designs. For example, all of the rings released to date have been square. The reason, according to Houman, is because "there are four corners to every relationship, and each side of the ring represents one of these: love, passion, desire, and boundaries." The pieces come in sterling silver, 18K white gold, or platinum. However, if the buyer prefers Houman will happily do 18K yellow gold and 18K rose gold as well.

All pieces are individually hand fabricated and numbered at Houman's studio in Coronado, California. Since each ring is special, it can't be Sized, but instead it is custom made to fit the buyer's finger size. This is yet another reason why Houman promises that his rings will be one of the most comfortable piece of jewelry that you'll ever wear. The best part is that you can actually be a bitter queen who has never known the joys of intimate love and still enjoy these rings. That's because the aforementioned "love" is, as people know it, "not as it is idealized" states Houman. In other words LUZ might be the emotions that you shared with a brother or sister, mother or father, or best of friend. it could even be the feelings you went through with that special teacher who made you realize that regardless of how you felt inside, you were still someone special. (Thanks
Mrs. Letourneau!) Or LUZ could be its very own Zen for its owner.

Regardless, every one of the twelve rings will be Houman's vision or emotion in a 3-D piece of art regalia that you can wear. His dream ls that by the time he finishes his collection, there will not be a single person who will not be able to relate to one of these emotions. As Houman insists, "My LUZ is different than your LUZ." That is so true. Not to mention that it also explains why a jewelry line would contain pieces named LOVE, CHEAT, BREAK UP, ALONE, ANGER, and FLIRT. But don't let these names fool you. The last thing Houman wants his clients to think is that his product is negative in any way. As a matter of fact, he claims that even though the LOVE design contains beautiful hearts with intricately placed rubies, it's the BREAK UP ring with its encrusted rubies and diamonds that most couples purchase as engagement rings. The reason for this is that when two of the BREAKUP rings are joined together they create two beautiful hearts. it is Houman's heart that is poured into each conception.