For Those Who Have Loved, It's LUZ by Coronado Magazine

For Those Who Have Loved, It's LUZ

LUZ is not your traditional Valentine design, explains Houman Omidifar, of Houman Jewelry Design. Each year the talented jeweler, who designs not only for his own clientele but also for leading jewelers throughout the country, introduces a new line for the holiday that celebrates love. This year his signature pieces, while bolder in concept, carry more subtle meanings. "My message is deeper, and the look, more abstract," Houman confides, adding that his own experiences and emotions do indeed play a role in how he approaches each new design. "The more you look at LUZ, the more you take away from it." Passion, depth, drama, mystery - all are embodied in the feelings of LUZ, he says.

Yes, there's a heart design, but it's visible only from certain angles. LUZ rings are available in sterling silver with diamonds or white gold with diamonds. The design incorporates four rubies on each side. A LUZ bracelet can be ordered in sterling silver or white gold with diamonds. And, while comfortable to wear, LUZ rings are angular, almost square, rather than round. "But then, the path of love often turns," Houman muses.